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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to wash my hands?

Ministry of Health advice is for washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and dry thoroughly using a hand drier or paper towels.  Alternatively use a 70% alcohol hand gel sanitiser eg. micro shield.

Wash hands after toileting, before handling food, after sneezing, coughing or before touching mouth or eyes.

If I am working from a PowerNet office or depot, where can I find hand sanitiser?

You will see sanitiser stations around the office and depots, and PowerNet are currently sourcing additional supplies.  We encourage its use.

Do I need to use disinfecting wipes that have been provided?

These are recommended by Ministry of Health as a prevention technique.  PowerNet will make available disinfecting wipes or spray bottles to staff working in the office or depots. Please use on all shared hard surfaces.

Please use the disinfecting wipes or spray bottles and chux cloths to clean all shared surfaces including desks, phones, etc.  Please do not spray straight onto any computers, spray the cloth and then wipe clean.  Once finished please dispose of the chux cloth and wash your hands.

What if I have to work from home – will any additional broadband costs be covered?

If you have been requested to work from home by your leader, then consideration on a case-by-case basis will be given to compensation.

What if I am worried about the impact on business activities?

PowerNet have plans in place to manage our business during a pandemic and encourage staff to communicate concerns or suggestions they have. If you do have concerns regarding the business impacts talk to your leader in the first instance or email If it is a wellbeing issue and you are not comfortable talking to your leader, contact the COVID-19 Manager, for a confidential discussion. If you are not comfortable talking to anyone in the organisation OCP 0800 377 990 is our external provider for welfare matters, or our PFA contact on 0800 710 240.

What about external contractors and visitors?

Visits from external consultants is currently suspended. It is intended that alternative options are to be used where possible, e.g. Skype for business or telephone.

What if I am concerned if there is a financial impact on my investments?

If you are concerned about any financial impact, please contact OCP (0800 377 990) your PFA contact (0800 710 240) or your financial advisor.

We welcome your feedback and/or questions, please direct to either your leader or the PowerNet COVID-19 Manager, Faye McLeod.

Faye McLeod 027 809 3464, email: