Search for your ICP (Installation Control Point) Data using either your ICP number or your Meter Serial number

What's an ICP number?

ICP numbers are a minimum of 11 characters eg. 680207NV1F0, and can be found on any Electricity Retailer account. If you don't know your ICP number, you can easily search using your Meter's Serial number, eg. 50313541.

ICP or Meter Serial number:

An ICP is an Installation Control Point. Each ICP has a unique number that identifies it as an individual power connection. PowerNet allocates your ICP number. If you stay in the same premises but change your electricity retailer the retailers account number will probably change but your ICP will always stay the same. By using this unique number your supply should not be confused with any other. If you change to another retailer you may be asked for this number.

Installation control point data includes: