Isla Bank Substation

Isla Bank Substation


2014-10-03 09.35.15

Preparation of the Isla Bank Substation site for the concrete foundation pads


Work has now begun on the bare patch of land south of Drummond which will be home to the new Isla Bank Substation.  The new substation and the line upgrade from Fairfax to Isla Bank will give an increased load capacity and reliability to the consumers in the Western Southland region.

“With consent and regulatory processes now finalised, work has begun on preparing the site for the concrete foundation pads which will support the 3-5MVA transformer, outdoor equipment and Portacom switchgear building,” PowerNet project engineer Nathan Donnelly says.

“The increased load from dairying and irrigation is part of the reason for the substation and the line upgrade, but it is also to increase reliability and capacity on the network we manage.” Mr Donnelly says.

The work is being undertaken by contractors Decom and subcontractors Donaldson Construction and is expected to be completed by April 2015.