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Tapchanger Expertise

PowerNet Central are the exclusive New Zealand and Pacific Rim agents for Ferranti Tapchangers, Brush Transformers and Associated Tapchangers Limited.

PowerNet Central staff have been formally trained at the Brush Academy in Loughborough (UK) and Power Serve UK Limited in Harlow (UK) on AT, ATV, AE, F, HS, and Brush HRSD tapchangers.  They have also been trained on Ferranti DS units.
We  have access to original manufacturing drawings and factory documentation for the full range of tapchangers represented.
Our UK factory-trained service personnel are available for onsite tapchanger installation or servicing.  We are also available to provide supervision to your staff while they service the tapchangers we supply or install.
Through Brush, we have access to information and parts on a wide range of out-of-production British transformer and switchgear equipment.
As an example we have sent old bushings to the Brush factory for a factory refurbishment.
We have also sourced items such as old temperature probes that had to be manufactured.
Brush, as the only remaining British transformer and switchgear company,  have a vast amount of intellectual property from past mergers and acquisitions and are able to source original blueprints and information to manufacture parts to original specifications.
If you have an old piece of equipment that needs repair or replacement, and you don’t have any idea where to go to get information or parts, then PowerNet Central is an excellent starting point.
If you need spare parts and trained service personnel, contact our agency team by email or call Ian Boud on 027 2010812.