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Ferranti Tapchangers

PowerNet Central are the exclusive agents for genuine factory spare parts and onsite servicing of;

  • DC3 Range.
  • DS2, DS5, DS300, DS400, DS500 Ranges.
  • ES3, ES3/19 Ranges.
  • EC4 Range.
  • FC4, FC6 Ranges.
  • GC6, GC12 Ranges.
  • HD12, HD14 Ranges.
  • HR6, HR12 Ranges.
  • FL6, FL12 Ranges.
  • ST Range.
  • Rotary Range.

We have access to original manufacturing drawings and factory documentation for the full range of Tapchangers represented.
Our UK factory trained service personnel can do all your onsite Tapchanger servicing.

If you need spare parts and trained service personnel, contact our agency team by email or call Ian Boud on 027 2010812.