St John and PowerNet news updates

PowerNet Safety messages reach students (March 2016)

St John PowerNet Plasterbox

Our sponsorship of St John in Schools now enables First Aid training and PowerNet Safety messages to be delivered to the Southern region.

PowerNet funding given to St John has enabled their Educator Felicia McCrone to increase her capacity to visit more schools within the Southland and West Otago regions.

Since 2015, 33,696 students in 338 schools in the Southern Region have been visited in the PowerNet and OtagoNet regions through the ASB St John in Schools Programme.

Visits to these schools empower children to make the right decisions in an emergency.

The lessons are age appropriate, build on each other and are designed to fit into the current curriculum. The core business of responding in an emergency continues to highlight amazing children who have used the valuable skills they are taught in a real emergency situation.

All children who attend an ASB St John in Schools programes are given a St John and PowerNet branded box of sticking plasters and a keeping yourself safe around the home poster.

Both posters and plaster boxes have PowerNet Safety messages aimed to remind the children about safety around electricity.

PowerNet, St John and the Farming Show (September 2015 – February 2016)
In September PowerNet commenced a six month farm safety advertising campaign on the local radio station Hokonui Gold’s Farming Show and Radio Sport channel.

The Farming Show provided a strong reach into the PowerNet and St John rural sectors in which they work.

The campaign is designed to inform farmers of potential risks and to ensure safety when working around the farm.

A mix of 30-second commercials across the two radio shows ran during prime time (breakfast and morning). The commercials  promoted the St John series of first aid courses and our farm safety messages. In addition to the commercials, 60-second advertorial style interviews were delivered to listeners. These were shared between St John promoting their courses and PowerNet, promoting farm safety.

“PowerNet and St John
60 seconds on farm safety tips”
“PowerNet and St John
30 second of safety promotion”