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Temporary Connections

Builder’s Temporary Supply

In general, a builder’s supply is simply the first stage of power being taken at a new supply connection point. All arrangements for the new connection will be made by, or on behalf of, the eventual property owner. The new connection begins operation as a builders box with normal meter and power account from an electricity retailer, just as ‘with any other power connection. This initial connection is covered within the costing/charges for establishing the new connection. If there is subsequent work to alter it to become the permanent connection it will be at the property owner’s cost.

Many electricians install the permanent mains from the beginning and thus the work required to change it to the permanent meterboard is minimal.

To arrange for a builder’s supply connection on your site you, your builder or your electrical contractor should contact us to complete an installation connection application. You will need to determine who is going to take responsibility for any charges (click on this link for an explanation of Customer Contribution) and ensure the application is sent to us in that name – our correspondence and quotation of charges will be to the name on the application.

Temporary Connections

A temporary connection is where power is required for a short time and at the conclusion of that no power will be needed, e.g. for construction of a bridge. In this case the customer will be charged the full costs of labour for installing and removing the network equipment plus the costs of any unrecoverable materials. Recoverable materials will have a part charge for their usage, calculated on a case by case basis.

Arrangements for a temporary connection are initiated in the same way as any other new connection, using the Installation Connection Application. There will be metering and a power account from an electricity retailer, just as with any other power connection.

The sooner we know about your requirement for power, the more likely it is that we can have the supply ready for your scheduled start date.

Installation Connection Application

Policies relating to Installation Connections are contained in the PowerNet Installation Connection Standard. You can download the Installation Connection Standard here.

To talk to our Connections Team about the application, please telephone 03 211 1899, or email us on