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Southland Warm Homes Trust

PowerNet provides administration and financial reporting services on behalf of the Southland Warm Homes Trust (SWHT).

The SWHT was formed in 2008 by the Southland Power Trust and Electricity Invercargill Limited. The SWHT, in association with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), offers support for warmer, healthier homes by providing insulation and heating assessments and retrofits for Southland and West Otago homes.
The Trustees of the Southland Warm Homes Trust are Jim Hargest (Chair), Lesley Soper, Carl Findlater and Bret Highsted.

The SWHT current community funders are Electricity Invercargill Ltd, Southland Power Trust, The Power Company Ltd, PowerNet, Invercargill City Council, Gore and Southland District Councils, Environment Southland, Community Trust South, The Southern Trust and NZ Oil and Gas. The WellSouth PHO and Work and Income New Zealand have also provided indirect support for the project.

The SWHT acknowledge the support of both their present and past community funders, past funders include The Invercargill Licensing Trust and the ILT Foundation, Invercargill Te Ara a Kewa Health Trust, Southland Energy Efficiency Trust, Takitimu Health PHO Ltd, and Hokonui PHO. Their support has provided insulation and heating retrofits to over 7000 Southland and West Otago homes since 2008.

PowerNet provides administration and financial reporting services on behalf of the Southland Warm Homes Trust (SWHT).

Would you like to make your home cosy and healthy?

Please telephone Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH (0800 927 676) for all enquiries regarding insulation and heating packages. You can visit Awarua Synergy for more energy saving tips.

The funding that is available to households in Southland from EECA and the SWHT at present is as follows:

CriteriaInsulation PackageHow to Apply
Home Owners
All Southland houses built pre 2000
 Up to $1500Contact the service provider
Home Owner
All Southland houses built pre 2008 with community services card* or within low income areas*
 Subsidy of 95%
80% from EECA
5% from SWHT
Awarua Synergy at 0800 Warm South (0800 927 676)
  • * Be holder of a valid and current Community Services Card (CSC), or SuperGold Card with CSC endorsement, issued by the Ministry of Social Development (Work and Income/SuperGold Card Centre).

Please click on the links below to find out how to apply and/or for further information:

The SWHT contracts Awarua Synergy to carry out assessments and the installation of insulation and heating products on behalf of the Trust.  Under EECA’s new Warmer Kiwi Homes programme which came into effect on 1 July 2018, insulation is subsidized by 95% for eligible homeowners.  Landlords and rental properties are no longer eligible.  The Warmer Kiwi Homes scheme targets those who stand to benefit most from having their homes insulated, those being low income households with high health needs, including families with children and the elderly.  EECA provides 80% and SWHT provide 5% of the funding respectively, conditional upon the remaining 5% funding coming from the home owner.

Please contact the service provider:

Awarua Synergy
WARM SOUTH (0800 927 676)
117 Eye Street
PO Box 139
Invercargill 9840