Plan before you plant

Trees planted near power lines

Property owners are responsible for keeping trees clear from service lines on their property. Click on this link for information about service lines.

Tree owners and PowerNet are responsible for keeping trees clear of network-owned power lines under the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.

The Regulations are designed to help protect public safety and power supply. Trees can cause lines to clash or break, interrupting power supply and causing serious risk of electrocution or fire. To avoid tree complications, plant them well away from power lines and trim branches before they get too close.

Plan before you plant

Plan before you plant. Please don’t plant trees where they will grow near power lines or equipment. Remember, if you plant by power lines, you will be required to pay for regular trimming and any damage they may cause.

Click to read about what trees are safe to plant on your property.

Make sure you know where all the underground cables are before you begin digging, and do not dig holes or plant trees or shrubs without having cables in your garden located.

As trees grow, they can enable lines to come within easy reach of anyone climbing the tree or even cause an electric shock to a person touching the tree if it is close to or touching the power lines. Electrical safety can easily be overlooked, so everyone needs to know that they should never go near lines without being certain that it is safe.

Before building a tree hut, check that the tree is nowhere near power lines. This should ensure that children cannot come into contact with the power lines where they could be seriously injured or even killed.

Anyone climbing a tree to retrieve an item caught on a branch should check there are no power lines near the tree or the item. If the item is caught on or close to a line, never remove it yourself. Contact PowerNet System Control on 0800 808 587 to arrange for a contractor to come and remove it (charges may apply).

It is important to remember to call PowerNet System Control on 0800 808 587 to arrange for a temporary disconnection before working in the vicinity of your overhead service lines.