TPCL Price Discount

If you were connected to The Power Company Limited network at midnight on 31 August 2023, you will qualify for the annual price discount.

The Power Company Ltd (TPCL) is the locally owned and operated Southland electricity lines and electricity industry investment company.

TPCL is owned by its consumers through the Southland Electric Power Supply Consumer Trust (Southland Power Trust). The Trust represents consumers as shareholders and appoints directors to TPCL’s Board.

If you’re one of our 37,600 Southland or West Otago consumers, you will receive a price discount on your power bill.

Since 2001, we’ve put over $145 million (including GST) back into the pockets of households and businesses through our annual price discount.

This year it totals $9.8 million (including GST). It’s our way of giving back to local shareholders – you the consumers. This is the benefit of local ownership of your electricity network.

Will you get the price discount?

It’s easy, check your power bill!

Every property has a reference called an ICP number and it appears on your power bill. If your ICP number includes the letters ‘TP’, then you’re on our network.

You had to be connected to the TPCL network at midnight on 31 August 2023 to qualify for the price discount. All residential consumers will receive a price discount of 2.1 cents per kilowatt hour (including GST) based on the power consumption recorded for the property. General consumers will receive a percentage of fixed charges and 1.23 cents per kWh (including GST). The price discount will appear on your retailer’s power bill in September or October.
Discounts vary according to how much power you use. As an example, a household using 9000kWh a year receives $189.

• Note: excluding parts of Invercargill City and Bluff.
• Excludes streetlights, unmetered and 1kVA connections
• Individual consumers – individually assessed
• Annual Price discount on distribution services charged to the Retailer (on the basis that it’s passed through to the retailer’s Consumers).