Temporary supplies

PowerNet offer two options for what may be considered Temporary Supplies. It is important to understand the difference between these two options BEFORE commencing and submitting any application for a new connection.

The first option is where the ICP raised is considered a true “Builders Temporary Supply” and generally raised under the builder’s details. This connection will remain until the end of their build and then the ICP will be totally removed from the network and decommissioned. With this option, the builder will be charged the full costs of labour for installing and removing the network equipment plus the costs of any unrecoverable materials. Recoverable materials will have a part charge for their usage, calculated on a case by case basis.

If the new build requires a permanent power connection after the temporary supply has been removed, then an additional application will be required from the customer and a new ICP will be raised. The permanent connection will have a Network Contribution paid towards the establishment of the new connection.

The second option for a “Temporary Supply” is where the ICP is generally raised in the customer’s name and will remain at the end of the new build. The ICP will require some form of alteration at the end of the build which may include one or more of the following:

  • Relocation of metering from a temporary metering site to permanent site,
  • Alteration to the customer mains cable from a temporary cable to a permanent cable and / or
  • A capacity change from the supply used during the build to the final supply capacity required by the customer.

Many electricians install the permanent mains from the beginning and thus the work required to change it to the permanent meter board is minimal.

This connection option will have a Network Contribution paid towards the establishment of the new connection. If there is subsequent work to alter it to become the permanent connection it will be at the property owner’s cost.