Disconnecting your power

Moving house

If you need your power disconnected or reconnected when moving out of or into a property please contact your electricity retailer.

Temporary disconnection

Repairs to roofing, spouting, painting, water-blasting, tree trimming and scaffolding can be dangerous if carried out close to overhead service lines. Similarly, caution must be exercised when digging or excavating where underground cables could be located.
PowerNet offers a free service to disconnect power for these activities.

Please call PowerNet 03 211 1899 or email enquiries@powernet.co.nz to arrange for a temporary power disconnection at least three business days prior to work commencing in the vicinity of overhead service lines or around cables.

Property owners are responsible for electrical lines, known as service lines and equipment on their property. Click on this link for more information about service lines.

If you are not sure whether you need to disconnect your power, call PowerNet on 03 2111899 or alternatively email enquiries@powernet.co.nz

Permanent disconnections

If your property is to be removed or demolished and power supply is to be permanently disconnected, you will need to contact both PowerNet and your electricity retailer.

PowerNet requires authorisation from the property owner, before carrying out any permanent disconnection. PowerNet will require you to fill in this authorisation form before any disconnection work is carried out.

Please allow at least 10 business days’ notice for PowerNet to organise disconnection. Please also note any work requiring a high voltage outage may result in a delay of up to 25 business days to allow for customer notification and scheduling.

For further information on permanent disconnections, call PowerNet on 03 211 1899 or alternatively email enquiries@powernet.co.nz.

Authority to Disconnect Power Permanently and Remove Redundant Lines & Equipment