Motors can affect customers, equipment, and cause network fluctuations.  PowerNet manages motor installations to minimise the effects of their starting across the network and to ensure they will be operated with an appropriate power factor.

Most electric motors draw a very high level of power when starting up. This brief high loading can cause a resulting voltage fluctuation. That fluctuation can have effects ranging from annoyance to neighbouring customers, through to damage to equipment, such as appliances.

Once operating, most motors have a poor power factor which if left uncorrected draws more current from the network than is really necessary for the equipment being driven. Customers are required to fit power factor improvement equipment to match the size of their motors.

If you wish to connect motors to the electricity network please complete an  online installation connection application and include a motor installation form detailing:

  • how many motors will be used
  • their power rating and type
  • how often they will be started
  • what starting method they will use
  • confirmation they will have power factor correction
  • what load characteristics they have.

We appreciate as much prior notice as possible to help us meet your timing requirements.

Policies relating to Installation Connections are contained in the PowerNet Installation Connection Standard.