Information for all electricians

This section contains information for electricians arranging new or altered power connections.

Installation Connection Application

The Installation Connection Application is used for new connections, replacement of existing mains, changes in capacity and subdivisions.

We do appreciate that it can be difficult to supply information especially if your customer’s installation connection application is sent to us some months in advance of the actual connection. However all of the information on the application is required to determine what we need to do to provide a connection to the network.

For a new connection or subdivision we require a plan showing its location. There should be enough detail so that we can identify where the nearest suitable equipment to connect you is.   In areas where our wires are on poles the number of the nearest pole will enable us to find the site.

If the application is for an existing connection, we will require the property’s ICP number, this can be found on your customers power bill. You can also search for the ICP and/or meter serial number here.

Schedule of Motors and Power Factor

PowerNet requires that the power factor is better than 0.95 to maintain the efficient operation of the networks. Power factor correction will be required on most motors.

See Section 7.1 of our Installation Connection Standard for more information on Power Factor and section 7.3 for more information on Motors, including what makes an exempt motor.

For new dairy shed conversions please include a schedule of motors with the application and please include details that show the appropriate power factor correction is being installed.

Click the Motor Installation Details Application Form below.

Suspected Load Control Faults

If you are contacted by a customer who is having trouble with an appliance on a controlled tariff, eg no hot water; please firstly go to site and test to establish if there may be a fault in their own wiring or appliance, eg blown water heater element.

If the customer’s systems appear fine and the metering load control is suspected of being the cause; while still on site please call PowerNet System Control on 0800 808 587 for assistance. Guidance will be given, including confirmation of the control pattern for this meter. (It may be the appliance is on a “Night Only” or “Night Boost” tariff which is too restrictive for the customer). Further direction on action to take will be given by PowerNet.]

Contacting PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers

PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers are allocated areas to manage. This is to ensure two installation connection applications for the same job are not processed. Receiving two applications for the same job does happen.

A significant increase in connections to PowerNet’s networks has meant PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers are not always available when visitors call without an appointment. It pays to phone ahead to ensure there will be someone available to help you.

To ensure you get the best possible service, contact PowerNet Customer Project Managers on 03 211 1899 or email Our team will ask for some initial information when you call and this will help to ensure the Customer Project Managers are ready for your visit.