Energy Efficiency

PowerNet is encouraging lower electricity bills and reduced emissions. We encourage using energy efficient products and having energy efficient habits. Here are some tips:

Heating and Moisture

  • Insulate first — keep the heat where you need it.
  • Choose a heater like a heat pump, it uses electricity (which is about 80% renewable) and is efficient (gains 3 units of heat for every 1 unit of electricity)
  • Choose the most efficient model for the job.
  • Get advice from an expert on the best size and functionality for you.
  • Choose the right-sized heater for the room — too small and it’ll struggle, too big and you’ll pay more. Tenancy Services Heating Assessment Tool
  • Use and maintain your heater as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Hold onto your heat — shut doors and curtains, and block drafts
  • Tackle dampness and ventilation and ensure your home meets the minimum Healthy Homes standard.
  • Use hot water efficiently


LED Lighting

  • Always switch off the lights whenever not in use
  • Consider changing older lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs, they can use up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and can last longer (sometimes up to 15 years!). Each bulb can save you up to $300 over its lifetime!
  • Choose the right bulb wattage to avoid an over lit room
  • Install dimmers to reduce amount of electricity a light bulb uses
  • Dust or wipe light bulbs regularly to maintain optimum brightness
  • Read up on the 2020 LED giveaway promotion

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are vehicles that use electricity to power them. They can be much cleaner and cheaper to run than typical internal combustion engines.

Generate your own electricity

Harness free energy from the sun or the wind and store it for later or sell it.