EV Chargers

What are electric vehicle (EV) chargers?

New Zealand’s light vehicle transport industry is set to undergo a transition to battery powered electric vehicles (EVs) at a pace likely to surprise most people.

For many New Zealanders, their next vehicle will be an EV. This means rather than filling cars with petrol or diesel, your future car will be plugged in and charged just like your mobile devices.

There are two types of EV chargers; AC and DC. AC chargers are usually low-powered, domestic residential units while DC chargers are high-powered commercial units. Your EV can be charged either on a public charger or a home charger. You can charge your EV from the normal 3-pin plug, but it is advisable to have an EV charger. Not all EVs offer 3-phase charging.


EV Charger outside the PowerNet Smart Energy Home

Recommended EV Chargers

EECA (Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority) NZ have published a list of smart EV chargers recommended for residential and commercial use. The approved list has been developed to help New Zealanders identify, and purchase, smart and efficient EV chargers. The new, internationally proven technology benefits both the user and the national electricity grid. To be included on the approved list, chargers need to be efficient and capable of two-way communication (smart), based on their technical specification. See the list here.

Electric Vehicle Charger for Business Fleet Vehicle

More and more Southland businesses are converting their fleet vehicles to electric. Electric vehicle (EV) chargers on the premise would mean that the electric fleet vehicle would have the luxury of charging up on site. Most modern EV chargers have smart energy management software that allows charge to be distributed evenly across fleets without the need for major electrical capacity upgrades.

If you would like to discuss some opportunities we have to offer or to discuss your EV energy requirement needs, please email EV@powernet.co.nz

Public EV Chargers

There are now more than 10 EV fast chargers that have been rolled out across the Southern region, with the recent addition in 2020 in Bluff and Te Anau. There are also plans on the way to place fast-chargers on the Southern Scenic Route.

You can view the location and status of those EV fast chargers below: