Future energy

The future lies in new and emerging technologies that brings greater energy efficiencies, help our environment and saves us money.

What is PowerNet doing?

As the South’s leading electricity asset management company, PowerNet is committed to learning more about the potential impact new and emerging technologies will have on our customers, communities and network assets. That’s why we’re leading the way with our dedicated program that explores the use and possibilities offered by these technologies.

Energy Efficiency

Encouraging lower electricity bills at the end of the month by researching energy efficient products and habits.

Electric Vehicles

Supporting electric vehicle (EV) roll out. EVs use electricity to power them and can be much cleaner and cheaper to run than typical internal combustion engine vehicles.


Investigating potential microgrids. Microgrids are small collections of generating assets that provide electricity.

Smart Meters

Rolling out smart meters in some of our managed networks to manage our network better.

Generation and Storage

Enabling customers to generate and store their own electricity.

Business Decarbonisation and Growth

Supporting customers through their decarbonisation and growth journeys

Practice for monitoring low voltage networks

Innovation practices