Building a brighter and cleaner future

PowerNet provides a safe, efficient and reliable electricity supply to southern communities.

Who we are

PowerNet Limited is the electricity network management company delivering power to Invercargill City, Southland, West Otago, parts of Central Otago and Stewart Island. PowerNet manages the electricity networks of The Power Company Limited, Electricity Invercargill Limited, OtagoNet Joint Venture and Lakeland Network Ltd (in parts of Frankton, Wanaka and Cromwell). Based on the regulatory value of the networks it manages, PowerNet is the equivalent of the fourth largest network company in New Zealand, delivering electricity to over 75,351 consumers.

About us

We are passionate about delivering safe, efficient and reliable power to our southern communities.

Your power supply

Information on connecting, disconnecting or altering your power.

Working near cables and lines

Details on safe distances when working near our network equipment.

Future energy

We continue to explore new energy technologies and initiatives that support a transition to a lower emissions future.

Trees and electricity safety

Our priority is the safety of our communities and of our teams and contractors who work on the networks we manage.


Line pricing information, Information Disclosures, Asset Management Plans and Use of Systems Agreements

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PowerNet’s International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certifications