April 12, 2024

PowerNet donates vehicles to Deep Cove and Borland Lodge Trusts

  • Kathryn McCoy
  • 2 min read

Safety in the remote wilderness of the Southern region has been enhanced by PowerNet providing two four-wheeled-drive vehicles for Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust (Deep Cove) and Borland Lodge Adventure and Education Trust (Borland Lodge). Both Trusts took possession of their Toyota Hilux vehicles this week. The two double cabs were recently retired from the PowerNet fleet.

PowerNet Chief Executive Jason Franklin says that safety is paramount at PowerNet, so the vehicles received a full service, mechanical check, and warrant of fitness before being donated. He also commented that PowerNet recognises the role and importance these two iconic facilities make to outdoor education for youth in the lower South Island and the great opportunities and life-long memories both provide.

“PowerNet has supported Deep Cove for over 28 years and has donated this fifth vehicle to the Trust,” Jason Franklin says.

Deep Cove deputy chair Tom Clark said the trust is extremely grateful for this long and very generous support PowerNet has provided. The donated vehicle would continue to provide a vital link between Deep Cove and the West Arm of Manapouri.

“The truck’s ability to travel in marginal weather situations will play a major role in ensuring the safety of people in Deep Cove,” Tom Clark says.

“For Borland Lodge, the donated vehicle is very timely, replacing their current vehicle of 10 years,” Jason Franklin says.

Borland Lodge Chair Gary Tong says, “The link between Deep Cove and Borland Lodge is very similar, and it is pleasing to be beside Mike and his team to accept this vehicle on behalf of our trust and those visitors to our part of the world.”

Reliant on the generosity of Southland people and businesses for survival, PowerNet’s contribution would enable the Trusts to direct their funds into projects such as improving infrastructure, replacing equipment, transporting visitors, and assisting in vehicle recovery or search and rescue.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to support Deep Cove and Borland Lodge so they can continue to showcase the wonders of our Southern region,” Jason Franklin says.