Rowallan Microgrid

PowerNet has developed its first microgrid at Rowallan


Coastal erosion meant that poles to this site kept on getting washed out and the line was unsustainable. The site has a lodge and a residential house consuming approximately 6000 units a year peaking at 8kW overall with potential for growth.


What’s at the site?


Solar Arrays

Solar arrays generate electricity when the sun is shining. The site has two 6kW solar arrays totalling 12kW

Solar Inverters

The solar inverters convert DC power from the solar panels to useful AC power for the customer

Lithium-ion Batteries

The battery stores energy during the day when there is excess solar energy to use later at night when the sun has stopped shining

Sunny Island Inverters

The Sunny Island inverter converts AC power to DC power to charge up the battery and converts it back to AC when the battery is powering the load

Diesel Generation

The diesel generator is there as a backup in the event that there is low solar generation and the battery is depleted