Power lines on private property (customer owned lines)

Customer owned lines

While PowerNet owns the electricity lines, poles and equipment up to the point of supply to your property, you own any low voltage service lines on your property. This includes poles, cables and fuses.

What does this mean for you?


Generally, you own and are responsible for the safety and maintenance of service lines, including poles, cables and fuses inside your property boundary. You own the lines up to an isolating fuse located on your boundary or up to the pole nearest to the edge of your property.

If a fault occurs and is found to be on your side of the boundary, the cost of repair and possibly the call out charge will be your responsibility. In these circumstances PowerNet System Control or PowerNet’s contractor will keep in contact so that you can make informed decisions.

So, as a property owner with service lines on your property what do you need to do?

  • PowerNet can put you in contact with experienced and qualified contractors to help with tree trimming, inspections or electrical work.
  • Contact an approved contractor to inspect your service lines to ensure the electrical assets don’t put people or property at risk of harm.
  • Keep an eye out for poles or equipment on your property that look like they are in poor condition, contact one of our reputable contractors to help assess and recommend next steps.
  • Electricity lines are dangerous so don’t get too close and risk your safety or the safety of others.
  • Trees near power lines are a leading cause of power outages. To keep your electricity supply safe and functioning, legally you must make sure all trees and vegetation are at least half a metre away from service lines on your property. If a tree needs to be trimmed, it must be done safely by an experienced and qualified contractor.

PowerNet Responsibilities

Power lines and equipment inside your property boundary are known as service lines or mains. As a general rule property owners are responsible for arranging the maintenance and repair of these lines and equipment.

PowerNet owns the lines and equipment up to the point of connection, which is usually at the boundary of your property and high voltage lines to the nearest transformer within your property.

 Remember — if you’ve got concerns or questions about ownership or maintenance of service lines or poles on your property — give us a call for a chat on (03) 2111-899 and we’ll help you sort it out.