Working near electricity infrastructure

(underground cables and overhead power lines)

Your safety when working near cables and lines

By keeping well clear of all power lines and underground cables – this could save your life. Everyone working on building sites or anywhere where you may come into contact with poles, power lines, underground cables or any other equipment has a legal requirement to maintain the minimum safe distance from power lines as set down by New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice – NZECP 34:2001 Electrical Safe Distances.

All structures and work activities should be kept at least four metres from power lines, however the minimum safe distances differ depending on the voltage of the overhead lines. PowerNet may issue a permit for a lesser working distance during construction providing that agreed safety controls are applied.

If you need to build closer to overhead lines, the lines may need to be placed underground prior to building and specialist contractors are required.  Application forms for any work near cables or lines can be found in the Application form tile below.

Contact or phone PowerNet on 03 211 1899 to talk to someone about safe working distances during construction.

To view the NZECP 34:2001- New Zealand Code of Practice for Electrical Safe Distances click here.



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