Dairy farm connections

Are you considering converting your farm to dairy?

Converting to dairying or needing to alter an existing power connection, we encourage you to make contact with PowerNet as early as possible.

The expected number of dairy conversions in the next few years is likely to have a significant impact on our electricity network. In some cases power lines and equipment will need upgraded to deliver power to customers in areas with substantial growth.

Most people are aware of the pressure many businesses face trying to cope with the current number of dairy conversions. This growth is good news for Southland. PowerNet wants to provide the most efficient cost effective service possible to customers, however as is the case with a number of other businesses we have a finite number of qualified staff and contractors to complete the work. We are actively seeking experienced people, employing trainees and looking at ways to streamline internal processes but this takes time.

We plan upgrading work on our network months, some times years, in advance and this work is often driven by predictions on load growth. The more we know about possible new connections, the better we are able to plan for future and to avoid delays in service. All information given to PowerNet about possible development will be treated as confidential.

Please pick up the phone and call one of our Connection Team if you are considering any such development on phone 03 211 1899.  Thank you.

What type of information do we need?
Initially we just need a bit of information about the possible electrical loading i.e. will it be a small, medium or large dairy shed, approximately where the development is likely to be, and a timeframe. It is also handy if you can find a pole number so that we can accurately locate the specific area on our mapping system.

Closer to the time we will need an Installation Connection Application completed with a range of information including the supply capacity required. We will also need detailed information on a site plan showing the specific location of the dairy shed and a schedule of the motors to be used. Normally your electrician will complete this information.

Installation Connection Application

What factors have to be considered by PowerNet when processing an application?

  • How much electricity is required at the new site and how will it be supplied?
  • How much electricity is currently being supplied on that power line and whether it will be large enough to cope with the new power demand or will the power line need to be upgraded?
  • What other activity may be planned or likely to occur in the area in the next few years?
  • Will the new power line have an environmental impact and who should be consulted?
  • If a resource consent or an easement is required, how will that affect the application?
  • How should the new power line be designed?
  • What materials are required to build the new power line and their availability?
  • Can PowerNet’s contractors complete the work within the timeframe to meet the customers expectations?
  • What other specialist contractors may need to be involved?
  • If the power has to be turned off when building the new line, who will that affect and what will the impact be?

Click on this link to find out more information about easements.