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Development of a new subdivision includes the installation of all necessary reticulation to individual lots. Developers must also make arrangements to connect the reticulation to the electricity network.

Developers are free to choose their own Contractor to perform the design and construction work; however, the Contractor must be approved by PowerNet prior to commencement of construction. The PowerNet document Developer Reticulation in Subdivisions (link) provides further information.

When considering an electricity supply the developer must contact PowerNet at the very early stages of planning to discuss the connection process as there are certain statutory functions that only PowerNet can perform.

PowerNet provides four documents that explain what is required to ensure approval to connect to the PowerNet electricity network:

  • The Installation Connection Standard explains PowerNet’s connection requirements and process in detail.
  • The Network Design Standard details the design, materials and installation requirements that must be adhered too.
  • The Developer Reticulation in Subdivisions provides guidelines regarding Developer Reticulation in new subdivisions
  • Commercial Terms for New and Altered Customer Connections

An installation Connection Application must be completed for all subdivisions.

Installation Connection Application

Policies relating to Installation Connections are contained in the PowerNet Installation Connection Standard. You can download the Installation Connection Standard here.

Proposed subdivision plans should be forwarded to PowerNet so that we can complete a design for the electrical reticulation. We will complete the design and price the works required. Either email the plans to or post the plans to Connections Team, PowerNet Limited, PO Box 1642, Invercargill.

The developer will be required to contribute towards the cost of the installation and may be required to contribute towards the cost of upgrading the local electrical network to accommodate the new subdivision. The level of contribution will depend on the cost of the work, the size and location of the development and the capital work required to upgrade the local network in order to support the increased electrical load.

PowerNet has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the electrical reticulation on our network and that it has been installed to specified standards so that we can provide a reliable service to customers.

PowerNet takes ownership of the new reticulation in order to have ongoing responsibility for managing, controlling and maintaining the electricity reticulation.

The work is carried out by PowerNet after receipt of acceptance of the quote by the developer. Payment is required before work commences. The time frame for completion of the work depends on the developers’ construction programme, the time of year (work can be weather dependent), if there is a lead time required for some of the materials and PowerNet’s commitments.

When the installation is complete and accepted we send the developer a completion letter.

Please be aware that easements may also be required to ensure that PowerNet has legal rights to locate lines, cables and equipment as well as access to maintain the network. Click on the link for more information.