The OtagoNet network area

The OtagoNet network area

OtagoNet is the major electricity network services provider for most of Otago.

Covering such a large area from near St Bathans in the North to the Chaslands in the South and inland from the Blue Mountains in the West to Shag Point on the North East coast, our crews do over 100 kilometres of overhead line renewals every year worth about $5.7 million.

In 2018-19, $16.2 million was invested in capital expenditure.  The projects are largely replacing lines and rebuilding 11kV and 33kV lines, but also include substation upgrades and work on transformers, amongst other planned works.

OtagoNet has 15,064 customers and a Regulatory Value of $174 million made up of 4,516km of lines and cables and 4,274 distribution transformers, with a capacity of just over 189.6MVA.

Three companies, including The Power Company Ltd (TPCL) and Electricity Invercargill Ltd (EIL), formed the OtagoNet Joint Venture (OJV) in July 2002 following the purchase of the electricity network assets from the shareholders of the consumer co-operative company Otago Power Ltd.

OtagoNet is now part of the largest electricity network company in the lower South Island after EIL and TPCL bought Marlborough Lines Limited’s 51% share on September 1, 2014.

TPCL owns 75.1% of OtagoNet, with EIL holding the other 24.9%.

It is a big job keeping the OtagoNet infrastructure in tip-top shape.

Our asset management strategy to reduce the average age of our network ensures our customers get the safety, security, and reliability of supply they need for their homes and businesses.

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Office: 92 Charlotte Street, Balclutha
Postal Address: PO Box 1586, Invercargill 9840