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Information For Electricians

This section contains information for electricians arranging new or altered power connections.

Download information about working safely near our network.

Installation Connection Standard
PowerNet has an Installation Connection Standard which outlines the standards for installations connected to the electricity networks managed by PowerNet.

The networks managed by PowerNet are:

For more information and a map for each network click on the above links.

Click on this link to register and download the latest version of the Installation Connection Standard

Please note: on registration your details are added to our subscription list so that you receive notification of updates to the Standard, along with other relevant notices.

If you have any queries regarding the Standard please do not hesitate to contact PowerNet on phone 03 211 1899, email

Installation Connection Application

We often have trouble due to missing or inaccurate information supplied on Installation Connection Applications used for new connections and alterations, capacity changes etc.

We do appreciate that it can be difficult to supply information especially if the application is sent to us some months in advance of the actual connection. However all of the information on the application is required to calculate what we need to do to ensure that we can supply the customer.

An essential accompanying part of an application is a site plan or sketch with enough detail so that we can all find the same place as you on the ground. It is really helpful if the closest pole number is also included on the site plan so that we can accurately find the site.

Schedule of Motors and Power Factor
PowerNet requires that the power factor is better than 0.95 to maintain the efficient operation of the networks. Power factor correction will be required on most motors.

For new dairy shed conversions please include a schedule of motors with the application and please include details that show the appropriate power factor correction is being installed.

To download the Motor Installation Details Application Form (PDF) 
Click on this link for more information about motors.
Click on this link for more information about power factor.

Faulty Ripple Receivers

If you receive a call out from a customer relating to a water heater problem that may or may not be because of a ripple receiver fault, please first test to establish if the fault is related to a wiring or water heater problem.

If you establish the wiring and water heater is satisfactory and believe the ripple receiver is faulty please call System Control while on site on 0800 808 587 to report the fault.

System Control will take details and tell you what to do to by-pass the unit.

PowerNet will cover (reasonable) costs for your visit if the ripple receiver is faulty but the fault must be logged with System Control while you are still on site.

Please advise the customer PowerNet will follow up with another ripple receiver as soon as possible.

If you notice that the ripple receiver is on “night only” or “day boost” an issue could arise with storage heaters if the ripple receiver is by-passed as this action will put the heater onto 24 hour supply.

Please advise the customer this will apply until a replacement receiver is installed by PowerNet.

Contacting PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers

PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers are allocated areas to manage. This is to ensure two installation connection applications for the same job are not processed. Receiving two applications for the same job does happen.

A significant increase in connections to PowerNet’s networks has meant PowerNet’s Customer Project Managers are not always available when visitors call without an appointment. It pays to phone ahead to ensure there will be someone available to help you.

To ensure you get the best possible service, contact PowerNet Customer Project Managers on 03 211 1899 or email Our team will ask for some initial information when you call and this will help to ensure the Customer Project Managers are ready for your visit.