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Power outages or faults
0800 808 587

Report an outage or fault

Report or receive outage notifications can also be via your Smartphone.

Please note: If you have any new information regarding your outage or the power is not back on within two hours you need to phone PowerNet’s System Control on 0800 808 587.

View current and upcoming outages

If an outage is planned in your area, your electricity retailer will let you know in advance so you can plan ahead and make arrangements.

About faults and power or voltage problems

If you are experiencing loss of electricity supply in Southland, West Otago, Queenstown- Lakes, Central Otago and Stewart Island phone our System Control on: 0800 808 587.

Security of Supply Participation Outage

If you would like to know more about the Security of Supply of the Networks managed by PowerNet, it is available through the following link: