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Energy Efficiency

The key to lower electricity bills at the end of the month is to use energy efficient products and have an energy efficient habit. Here are some tips on lowering electricity bills:


  • Consider insulating the house first to reduce energy consumption for heating
  • Consider using heat pumps to heat up the room rather than electric coil or oil filled heaters. Click here to find out the right heating for you and your family
  • Heat pumps have a 1:3 electricity to heat ratio i.e. 1kW of electricity produces 3kW of heat
  • Open curtains to let sunlight in and warm up house in the morning, and close curtains at night to trap the heat in the house
  • Learn more about heat pumps from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) here


  • Turn on the dishwasher and washing machine only on full loads
  • Use cold water to do the laundries
  • Purchase appliances that have high Energy Star Ratings
  • Defrost freezers regularly – the unit needs to work harder as more ice builds up
  • Turn off computers and televisions completely – placing them on standby can consume significant amount of energy


  • Always switch off the lights whenever not in used
  • Consider changing older lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs
  • Choose the right bulb wattage to avoid an over lit room
  • Install dimmers to reduce amount of electricity a light bulb uses
  • Dust or wipe light bulbs regularly to maintain optimum brightness