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Asset Management Plan

Evacuation work at the site of the civic administration substation, Invercargill.

PowerNet is responsible for the stewardship of the electricity lines and equipment, known as assets, on behalf of Electricity Invercargill and its stakeholders.

Electricity Invercargill’s Asset Management Plan details how PowerNet intends to build, maintain and reinforce the distribution network over the next 10 years while meeting agreed service, safety, quality and profitability targets.

Customers of Electricity Invercargill are consulted about the service levels they prefer and the price that they are willing to pay. This is known as the price / quality trade off (more simply, the cost of power supply versus the number of power cuts). Customers’ views about service levels are combined with Electricity Invercargill and the Government’s required service levels to form the foundation of the Asset Management Plan.

Electricity Invercargill Directors and PowerNet have to find the right balance between the cost to the customer, safety, environmental requirements, service levels and network investment.

The Electricity Distribution Information Disclosure Determination 2012 requires the Plan to be publicly available.

The Plan looks ahead for the next 10 years and is updated annually.


We invite submissions from all stakeholders, prior to the next review. This process starts in August each year and the new plan is published by 31st March the following year.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Network Assets Manager
PowerNet Limited
P O Box 1642
Invercargill 9840

You are welcome to download the Asset Management Plan PDF or you can request the Plan on a CD or hardcopy. Remember to include your full mailing address and postal code.